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Meet the owner, Monique

Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt is the sole owner of Reinem-N-Kennels and started breeding Australian Shepherds in 1998 and showing them in 2013. Her love for animals started at a young age where she grew up in Stafford County, Virginia. Her hobbies included riding horses and showing horses competitively. She started to shoe horses at a young age then became one of the first professional female Farriers in the area. She's currently a full-time Farrier and competes in horse Reining throughout the United States when there's extra time in her schedule. Her Aussies love to run around the arena and follow her on trails while she's riding. Since Aussies are herding dogs, this was a perfect combination for her "dream life" on a large country property accompanied by her dogs and horses. 

Monique strives to produce happy, healthy Aussies with correct conformation, sound movement, lovely temperaments and solid, well-rounded minds. Her main focus is producing Aussies that meet the breed standard, and are competitive in the show ring, performance venues, and also make wonderful family companions. These Aussies are a representation of her blood line and she takes pride in making the right decisions to produce reputable and high quality puppies. It is only through extensive health testing, pedigree research, work with other reputable breeders, and informed decisions that have guided her along the way. Her dogs have exactly what they need to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

In the last couple years, Monique has begun to focus more time on showing her Aussies in the ring. In a short time, she has accomplished so much because of her strong drive to succeed and her will to never do anything halfway. She was invited to show at Westminster on June 12 & 13, 2021 in Tarrytown New York. She received an Award of Merit from the Westminster Kennel Club.

My kennel name, Reinem-N-Kennel was inspired by my love of riding and competing on reining horses. My dogs never leave my side whether I'm working, traveling, or riding horses. They are exposed to all different types of environments and get lots of socialization.

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