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Reinem-N-Vivacious Viper


Date of Birth: 04/15/2021 • Hips: Too Young • Elbows: Too young
Eyes: Clear 06/26/2021 • Full Dentition/Scissors Bite • A Locus-Aw: n/n • A Locus-At: At/At 

A Locus-a: n/n • B Locus: b/b D Locus: D/D E Locus-EM: n/n E Locus-e: E/e 

K Locus-KB: n/n • Spotting: N/N • Merle: M/Mc Hair Length: I/I •Hair Curl: n/n 

• Furnishings: n/n • Shedding: SD/SD • Cone Degeneration: n/n • CEA: n/n • A Locus-Ay: n/n

DM: n/DM • HC: n/n • HUU: n/n • prcd-PRA: n/n • CMR1: n/n • MDR1: n/n 

• AKC #: DN66961106 • ASCA #: Pending • AKC DNA #: Pending ASCA DNA:  Pending

Owned by Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt • Bred by Monique Gautreaux Hetterscheidt

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